Qingdao CCL Technology Co., Ltd, is a Sino-Australian Joint Venture established in2013by senior retail industry experts and well-known venture capital institutions. CCL is a high-tech enterprise specializing in innovative retail transaction processing and payment solutions, cash management solutions and specializedmarketing solutions in the international marketplace.

Key Milestones

• 2014 CCLacquired capital investment from Qingdao Milestone and successfullyregistered in the Qingdao Institute of Industrial Technology

• 2015 CCL was recognized as a high-tech enterprise by the Qingdao Science and Technology Beaurau

• 2016 CCL Founder and CEO Mr. Zhaoxian Bian was honored in the Qingdao Leading Talents of Innovation and Entrepreneurship program

• 2018 CCL in cooperationwith Alipay and WeChat Pay developed facial recognition payments functionality forself-checkout solutions

• 2019 CCL delivered the 40,000th self-checkout system

CCL is a Customer-focused enterprise and we constantly provide high quality products with outstanding services to all our Customers including Alipay, WeChat Pay, JD Pay, Carrefour, Walmart, Vanguard, Yonghui, LIQUN Group, Lianhua, Watsons, Meetall, Chongqing Department Store and retailers in theChina Top 100 chains.

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